Kemba Smith

I was twelve years old when I first heard about Kemba Smith.

I was having a phone conversation with my godmother and she asked me if heard of her. Of course I hadn't and that's when she told me all about her story. As I listened to my godmother, I remember thinking "Wow! That is so messed up! She was innocent!" I truly felt bad for her. Her story stuck with me for years.

If you know Kemba's story and have read the It Comes with the Teritory snippets that I've been posting, you'd see that these two women have a few things in common; they both were young, naive, and loved an older man who was involved in the drug game. They both were loyal to men who didn't have their best interest at heart. Both men used them and took advantage of them and unfortunately they both got the raw end of the stick.

Although Phaelyn is a fictional character, there are many young girls and some older women who went through what she had (if not worse). Many young girls are attracted to the bad boys, and the flashy lifestyles, and an most times are easily manipulated by the man that they are in love with. WHen you're young and you have a man (an older man) who is handsome, popular, and powerful, it's easy to get caught up with just being with him. Some women may feel "Wow! he could have any woman int he world but he wants little old me." When a woman feels like she was chosen, well there's nothing she won't do for the man that she loves.

Kemba's story is so unfortunate because she was charged with crimes she didn't commit. The book was thrown at her as if she was Tony Montana when actually she was nothing but a young woman who lived a sheltered life before she went to college. She knew very little of what her boyfriend did but that didn't stop "justice" from being served. The very little of what she knew of Peter Michael Hall (aka Khalif-which was one of the many aliases he used) wasn't enough for her to get sentenced to almost twenty five years in prison.

Below is a link that will take you to an article that was written about Kemba around fifteen years ago. I found the article informative and it explains more about Kemba's story. Enjoy! :)

To order Poster Child: The Kemba Smith story, click the link below

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