From an early age, Mimi Lemons always had her nose in a book. She began reading Dr. Seuss when she was four years old and shortly graduated to adult fiction by the time she was eight years old. With an overactive imagination and an 'I  Can Do That Too' attitude, she began writing short stories when she was eleven. In eighth grade, Mimi decided to share her work and entered her school's short story contest. Unfortunately, none of Mimi's stories were picked. Discouraged and disappointed she put writing on the backburner.

    After graduating high school, she began taking classes at Wayne County Community College where she was studying to be a paralegal.  For years, Mimi continued going to school full time while working full time in the banking industry. Then one day, Mimi realized that she was unhappy. She hated her major. She hated her job. She hated that she wasn't writing. She needed to be an author and was going to do whatever it took to make it happen. In 2012, Mimi self published her first novel Truthfully Lying and her second novel, It Comes with the Territory, in 2016. 

         Mimi now lives in Redford Michigan with her husband Gerald and their dogs, Colby and Mocha. In her spare time , she enjoys reading, watching old sitcoms, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and of course writing.